Titans : when Dick Grayson will become-t-he Nightwing in the series ?

While the filming of season 2 of “Titans” is expected to start soon, one question arises : when can we expect to see Dick Grayson donning the costume of Nightwing ? The showrunner Greg Walker has given a few elements of response. DC Universe Attention, the following paragraphs will contain some spoilers on the first season of the Titans, available on Netflix ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! In the series Titans, which aired on the platform of the DC Universe in the United States and available in France on Netflix since 11 January, Brenton Thwaites (The Giver, Pirates of the Caribbean : The Revenge of Salazar) embodies Dick Grayson, the ex-sidekick of Batman, more known under the name of Robin, who has left his days of vigilante in Gotham City behind him to become a cop within the police of Detroit. But his encounter with Raven, Starfire, and The Beast, with which it will form a new group of super-hero, going to bring it back toward his destiny, while pushing it to continue to get out of the shadow of his illustrious mentor, the man bat. A quest for identity that will push him during the season 1, to burn his costume of Robin. A lot of fans familiar with the DC universe Comics have seen in this gesture with a big meaning the sign that Dick would take, in season 2, the identity of Nightwing, another vigilante masked, appearing for the first time in 1984 in the number 44 Tales of the Teen Titans, it ended up being, in some variants, after having put an end to his duo with Batman. Interviewed recently by IGN on the transition expected of Dick from Robin to Nightwing, the showrunner Greg Walker has suggested that the young super-hero would actually be Nightwing in the near future, but maybe not necessarily from the beginning of the second season of the Titans, for which shooting is expected to begin in February or march. “This season, Robin was someone who struggled with his father and with his identity as a son,” explains Walker about the trajectory of Grayson during the first season. “And I think that this struggle will continue. He has effectively burned his costume, because he knows that it is necessary to leave Robin behind him, but he knows that a long road is waiting before you get to where it wants to be, and before embracing his destiny and what Bruce taught him. It’s going to take time. It’s not going to happen all of a sudden. The costume of Nightwing is deserved and should be a reflection of the inner journey. This is not a simple change of costume”. In short, don’t expect to see Brenton Thwaites donning the costume of Nightwing from the first episode of season 2 of Titans. But what is certain is that, despite its apparent passage to the dark side at the end, Dick Grayson has not finished to save the world from the side of its friends super-heroes. What have you already seen some of the actors of the Titans ? See the slideshow Slideshow Titans : what have you already seen the actors in the series ? 9 photos

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